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ServiceSource Channel Sales Cloud Application Helps More Than 6,500 Partner Users Manage $650 Million in Service Revenue

ServiceSource Channel Sales Cloud Application Helps More Than 6,500 Partner Users Manage $650 Million in Service Revenue

27 May 2010 (SAN FRANCISCO) - ServiceSource®, the technology and market share leader in service revenue performance solutions for technology, healthcare, and life sciences companies, today announced the company’s Channel Sales Cloud application has been deployed by over 6,500 partner users in four different languages since its launch in January 2009.

The Channel Sales Cloud is a SaaS application that gives customers’ sales partners access to up-to-date information on their performance, business pipeline, and open opportunities with critical sales information. Over 20% of ServiceSource customers have successfully used this application with their resellers and distributors as part of their overall ServiceSource managed services solution to maximize maintenance, support or subscription revenue renewals.

“Technology vendors have historically had issues with visibility and control in managing maintenance and support renewals through their distribution channel,” said Tiffani Bova, vice president, research, Gartner. “Tens of millions is left on the table every year due to lack of clean and consolidated data, process automation and best practices. Building solutions leveraging web based technologies is the next step in making it easier for customers to manage this piece of their business.”

The Channel Sales Cloud is used in tandem with the ServiceSource managed services offering to increase service revenue and provide a common reporting platform for the customer’s entire sales team and partners. With the application’s performance dashboard, partner users can search, prioritize, collaborate, execute on upcoming renewals, and request sales assistance – all of which equip channel partners for success.

“The Channel Sales Cloud facilitates all aspects of a client’s support agreement processes with partners – from automatically managing renewal opportunities based on upcoming expiration dates, to displaying key renewals information for resellers, to proactively notifying resellers of upcoming opportunities,” said Mike Smerklo, chairman and CEO of ServiceSource. “For over a year now, this product has been paired with our managed services offerings to drive revenue through the channel – making a seamless partnership between OEMs and partners.”

With over 6,500 users and $650 million in service revenue optimized, the Channel Sales Cloud is the most popular service revenue performance application for the channel. The Channel Sales Cloud is powered by the Service Revenue Platform, the foundation for all of the ServiceSource cloud applications and managed services business.